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Moona.Store Gift Card

Moona.Store Gift Card Terms & Conditions

  • Gift card – these can be exchanged for products up to the value of the voucher or amount added to the card.
  • All gift cards are only redeemable either online or in-store. Unfortunately they are not redeemable on both channels. (If you have purchased gift cards in-store, then only redeemable in-store, same for online)
  • If you don’t spend the full amount on an electronic card, you can redeem the balance on another date.
  • Expiry date for each gift card is 24 months from the date of issue, we have no obligation to accept it after the expiry date has passed.
  • Please keep your gift card safe as they cannot be redeemed or replaced if lost
  • You are solely responsible for the safety of the Gift Card. We will not be responsible for misuse of stolen cards.
  • Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Gift cards are not refundable.
  • If loyalty points are applicable, they are earned by the customer who is redeeming the gift card at the point of redemption and not at the point of purchase.
  • The value for the gift cards are fixed and cannot be loaded with more money once issued
  • Gift Card can be used repeatedly until the value of the card has been used up or the Card has expired. For purchases greater than the remaining Card balance, we accept other forms of payment for the difference amount.
  • Money cannot be withdrew from the gift cards
  • Gift card purchases can only be refunded (if applicable) back onto the same gift card
  • If you wish to check the balance of your gift card simply provide the card number to our staff and we will be able to provide this information.
  • If you have any trouble using this card please contact for further assistance.

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