Founded in 2017, Korean beauty brand, ROUND LAB, has been consistently providing consumers with skin care products that can alleviate their daily fatigue as its main objective. It is very popular on social media and widely recognised by consumers of all ages.

ROUND LAB uses fresh and high-quality raw materials on the earth to produce skin care products that improve the skin conditions. Through the different ROUND projects, it spreads and conveys those stories people need to know which are of similar sentiments. The most well-known 1025 Dokdo line is rich in minerals from the deep ocean of Ulleungdo Island. The deepest part can reach up to 1500 meters. The sea water here is very clean after extraction, and it is rich in natural minerals. The range took the pole position on the 2018 sales list of Lalavla (Watson) in South Korea.

Moreover, on the annual best cosmetics list in South Korea's most popular professional cosmetics ranking app, "Hwahae", it also took the top spot for three consecutive years.

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