Moona Guide for Wearing Contact Lenses

Guide for Wearing Contact Lenses

  • Ensure your hands are clean and dry.
  • Rinse Lenses using solution to remove debris, however you can skip this step with brand new contact lenses.
  • Put the lens on the tip of your index finger (or tool), make sure lens is not inside out
  • Using your free hand, hold your upper eyelid so you don’t blink.
  • Using the middle finger of your inserting hand to pull down lower eyelid.
  • Look straight and place lens directly where you pupil is which should fit in naturally
  • Release your hands.
  • Try to move your eyeball to see if you feel uncomfortable or irritation to the eye, if so please check if lens is inside out, try the other side if unsure. Please also check for damage or debris.
  • Discard if lens is damaged, always check upon opening the packaging, otherwise rinse with solution repeatedly and reinsert.
  • Recommended lens wear time is 8~12 hrs per day, however depend on the individual this time may vary. Do not wear overnight.


Guide for removing Contact Lenses

  • Ensure your hands are clean and dry
  • Pull down your lower eyelid with your middle finger
  • Using your thumb and index finger, squeeze the lower part of the lens with tip of the finger gently
  • Rinse lens with solution to ensure it is clean for next time use
  • Soak lens in clean case with solution


Please note: Contact lenses are very delicate and need to be handled with extra care, damage or loss due to incorrect use will not qualify for exchange or refund.