Contact Lens Q&A

Q: How do I know my prescription?

A: You should always consult your optometrist first before purchasing a prescription contact lens. You are also able to purchase zero prescription lenses if you have perfect eye, just for the look! 

Q: How long can I wear my contact lens?

A: Depends on the disposal period of the lens. Daily disposal lens each pair lasts for a day. Monthly disposal lasts a month. 3 month disposal lasts 3 months a so on. Worth noting that the disposal period starts from when you first open the packaging, not how many days you wear it. 

Q: What happens if I have different eye sights for left and right eye?

A:  In this case you should purchase two lenses with difference prescription which will match the eye sight. For bottle lenses you may choose 2 different prescription for the pair, however for box lenses you would need to purchase to boxes, that would include daily, monthly and some 3 month disposal lenses. Lens types are noted on the title of the product. 

Q: What does the title of the contact lens products mean?

A: For example, Russian Silver (Daily/20p), “Russian” is the range name, “Silver” is the color, “Daily“ is the disposal period, and “20p” means how many pieces of lens are in one box, in this case 20 (10 pairs) 

Q: How could I maintain my contact lens to the best state?

A: Always change the solution each time you wear the contact lens, if you do not wear it for a long time you should also change the solution once every few weeks just to keep it fresh. Use clean contact lens case, it is recommended to change the case every 3 months. Make sure to discard lens if the disposal period is up, or if it gets uncomfortable after a while. Avoid contact with sharp objects such as your nail! 

Q: Will the result be the exactly same as the photo?

A: Just like any cosmetic product, the result may vary depending on the individual. Depending on how dark your original eyes are, the color could correspondingly be darker or lighter. The pictures on our website are for suggestions only, and the models mostly have dark brown Asian eyes, however the photos are taken with a lot of lighting so you should also take this in consider. 

Q: What is Power, DIA, GDIA, BC?

DIA stands for “Diameter”, which determines how much the lens will cover your cornea, it is the actual size of the lens. G.DIA stands for “Graphic Diameter”, which is the size of the coloured section of the lens. BC stands for “Basic Curve”, the number indicates the steepness or flatness of the contact lens.