Lumilayer Primer Fresh


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Lumilayer Primer Fresh
Lumilayer Primer Fresh
Lumilayer Primer Fresh
Lumilayer Primer Fresh


Lumilayer Primer Fresh 30ml

Ultra-hydrating primer infused with sparkling pigments that leave your skin sun-kissed and flawless with a luxurious glow. With 70% off the formula dedicated to delivering moisture, your complexion will be revived with the vitality it needs.

- Light moisturizing light effect through weight oil (moisture persistency ↑)

- Contains over 70% of moisturising essence

- Safe for use on acne-prone/combination skin

- 4-Step effect (Hydration ▶ Light Moisturizing ▶ Smoothness ▶ Radiance)

- Primer effect achieved through Sparkling Pigments(Red, Gold, White)

- May also be used as morning moisturizing essence (summer season)

How to Use:

Use as a moisturizer or as a primer before applying foundation. Warm primer between fingers and press into skin.

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