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Hot Style Cream Hair Bleach


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Product picture
what's inside
bleaching tips
before and after
Product picture
what's inside
bleaching tips
before and after

Etude House 

Hot Style Cream Hair Bleach

Brilliant hair color as if bleached in the salon!  


- Vivid and fresh color!

The 1:3 ratio of the #1 hair bleach powder and #2 oxidizing agent gives you vivid color dye as if done in a salon. 

- Contains hair protecting ingredients!

Silk protein ingredient complements damaged hair protein and vegetable oils such as evening primrose oil, rosehip oil and avocado oil coat the surface of the hair which will keep your hair shining even after bleaching. 

- Comfortable bleaching with reduced ammonia scent!

Reduced ammonia scent will help you bleach with no worries. 

What's inside: 

- 01 Hair Colorant #1 25g

- 02 Oxidizing Agent @2 25mlx3

- Treatment

- Brush

- Vinyl Cover + Glove + Instruction Paper

Bleaching tips: 

1. The more you have white hair, the brighter your hair will get after bleaching.

2. If you already have your hair dyed dark bleaching could not turn out as bright as you want.

3. Already dark colored or coated hair could not get bleached as desired or turn out looking mottled.

4. To prevent hair damage, do not leave your hair with product on for too long or bleach too often. 

How to use:

1. Mix Liquid 

- Put the #1 hair colorant and #2 oxidizing agent inside the tray. 

- Use the brush to mix them well. 

- When completed, put on the vinyl cover and the glove. 

2. Apply to Your Hair 

- Start by parting your dry hair little by little with the brush to ensure the even coverage. 

- Since front hair gets bleached much faster, start applying from the neck and then move on to hairline and forehead. 

- To prevent unevenly colored result put extra attention when applying to hairline and areas behind ears. 

- Leave for 30 minutes. Be careful not to leave for too long as the liquid could run down. 

3. Rinse out 

-After leaving for 30 minutes, thoroughly rinse out with lukewarm water. 

-Massage your hair and scalp with the hair treatment and rinse out with lukewarm water. 

* After bleaching, the hair color turns out different depending on the texture, color and temperature. (If your hair is thick, dark or in a low room temperature, leave for about 5 to 10 minutes longer and if your hair is thin, damaged or in a high temperature, shorten the time about 5 to 10 minutes. )