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Easy and Speedy Foam Hair Color


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Easy and Speedy Foam Hair Color

Mise en Scène

Easy and Speedy Foam Hair Color

Simple, fast 10 minutes premature gray hair cover line with smart container which does not need mixing and sticky foam as if shampooing.

How to use:

1. Shake the hairdye container up and down approx. 20 times promptly.

2. Drill a hole following by the dotted line and stand the container upright. Take a suitable amount of foam (size of a tennis ball) onto gloved hands.

3. Lather up the foam enough and rub into hair as if shampooing. Rub to apply while drawing circle with using fingers, especially on areas of concern with premature gray hair such as top of the hair, hair next to ears.

4. Leave it for 10 minutes.

5. Shampoo with lukewarm water to cleanse the hair until clean water drops from hair with gloves still on.

6. It is recommended to dry your hair thoroughly with hair dryer to prevent hair losing color on the first day


1. Read the instruction carefully before you start dyeing.

2. Please use the product in well-ventilated place.

3. Do not use the product on eyebrows or eyelashes.

4. Wash immediately if the product gets in your eyes and consult a doctor.

5. Cleanse the hair well after dyeing.